Manufacturing Excellence

Definition of Excellence; Working to a Common Goal

The goal of the manufacturing excellence program is to build standardization as the foundation for continuous improvement.

The priorities for manufacturing excellence program
1) Build a common operating practice for like machinery and processes. This manufacturing practice must be specific enough to ensure repeatable results in all locations, yet flexible enough to respect differing labor models in each site.
2) Build a continuous improvement model based on data. This must leverage the ERP. Data gathering should truly capture overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). This data can then be used to find the best place to apply resources to improve the manufacturing processes.
3) Drive a model for sharing best practices across the organization. This should include activity based best practice (BP) groups,  business based BP groups, and electronic communication models such as written standards and operating procedures.

What is your definition of Manufacturing Excellence?

How can silos be minimized and everyone work toward the same goal(s)?



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