Welcome to the blog about Operating Excellence.

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About Me (Kate Kerrigan)

I have over 30 years experience in manufacturing.  My background is diverse with industry vertical experience in aseptic packaging, food and beverage, consumer products, pulp and paper, and automotive industries. Throughout my career, I have held positions as a Engineering Vice President, Director of Operations, Plant Manager, Maintenance Manager, Reliability Leader, and Operations Analyst.

My specialties include maintenance and reliability management including in-depth experience implementing Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and Lean Manufacturing. Mitigating risks and maximizing company assets is my mission!

Education:  Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE University)

Why I started this blog:

I feel there is a need to look at manufacturing reliability in its whole sense.   There are many excellent resource on best practices for operations, maintenance, engineering, and business.  However I saw the need to meld these concepts into one.  This is an attempt to minimize silos of expertise and join everyone into the fight for continuous improvement.  Too often we are forced to an accountability system that creates winners and losers, however this practice of determining who saved a dollar and how it hit the bottom line, only makes the overall organization the loser.

While these concepts for manufacturing excellence are gender neutral, sometimes our society places expectations and assumptions based on genders. That is to be explored in the XX part of this blog.


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