Remote Lubrication Point

Remote Lube Pt Fail_LIRemote lubrication points are a good idea for safety.  They allow for greasing while equipment is running, which is the best way to get grease into the bearing.  However they need to be designed to actually provide the lubrication to the bearing.

The person greasing this has made two mistakes, but the biggest mistake is in the design of this point.


Remote greasing points should be located to minimize the distance the grease must travel.

This design requires the grease to be forced down, then back up the plastic tubing.  Perhaps a better location for the remote zerk would be where I have placed a red dot.  Locating the remote zerk parallel to the actual bearing grease point would minimize the directions that the grease must travel, and also significantly cut the length of the “grease in waiting”.

Relubrication:  The person(s) responsible for lubricating this point need training on observing the equipment.  It is readily apparent that no grease has made it to its destination.  In addition, the mound of grease on the zerk is sloppy.  Some folks like to leave a small dollop of grease on the zerk that is wiped off before the next greasing.  Grease caps are also available to protect the opening of the zerk.  Large glops of grease only make a mess and make in more likely that the wiping off action actually introduces dirt, rather than preventing it.